"I like this place and willingly could waste my time in it"|| Jud, always procrastinating, lately claryodaiir

Lagertha, drawn in PS


Lagertha, drawn in PS


Screencap meme.

Put a category and fandom/character/etc in my ask. The first twelve of these are from here.
  1. Faceless (caps where the subjects face is not visible)
  2. Looking Down (caps where the subject is looking down)
  3. Bruised & Battered (gore & damage: caps where the subject is banged up)
  4. Up Close & Personal (screencaps where the subject is in close up)
  5. Scenerygasm (the subject of these caps is the dominant scenery)
  6. Full Body Shot(s) (caps where the subjects full body is in the shot)
  7. Colours Abound (caps with great colouring even before editing)
  8. Silhouettes (the subject should be in silhouette)
  9. My Emotions (caps where the subject is displaying strong emotion)
  10. the Space (the focus of these caps is interesting use of space [often negative])
  11. Light! (caps with great base lighting, even before editing)
  12. Tickles My Pickle (whatever tickles my pickle. though this is also innuendo and you’ll probably get a picspam of sex/shirtless screencaps)
  13. Hair Porn (caps of hair porn, obv)
  14. Body Parts (caps containing specific body parts of characters)
  15. Profiles (caps that focus on profile shots of characters)
  16. Dress Me Up (caps where the characters are wearing a specific type of clothing)
  17. Touch Me (caps where characters are touching each other or other things of importance)
  18. Objects (caps where the primary focus is of an object not a character)

"I have always said that my goal in this industry is to have a versatile career. I really want to be able to do films that spark my interest. I think my dream role right now would be some epic comedy with Will Farrell, Vince Vaughn and Jonah Hill. I think those guys are hilarious and I have so much respect for what the have achieved."

 lysaac au; ‘You know, I can always give you a ride, if you want.’

Happy Birthday Lucrezia Borgia(b. April 18, 1480)

I’m sick of always looking like Darth Vader next to sunshine Barbie. Life’s too short, but you make it feel so long.


who the fuck thinks 7% is anywhere near average tip what the fuck